Abdullah Ejaz Biography Pakistani Actor

Abdullah Ejaz Biography Pakistani actor

If we have to name the most excellent Pakistani actor of all time, our mind would immediately turn to Abdullah Ejaz Chaudhary. The man known as Abdullah was a talented actor who played a vital role in many famous movies, including Mankatha and Jodha Akbar’s Alabama.

He combined acting skills with excellent acting talent and was also very accomplished at many other things. As an actor, he managed to enchant the hearts of people across the globe. His career spanned three decades which is quite an accomplishment for any actor.

He garnered various honors and awards during this time and was even chosen for Pakistan’s first-ever national drama award. Most people remember him for his brilliant performance in Ham Roast. But there is so much more to his impressive career that we are going to discuss here.

First and foremost, we will talk about his early years. Starting at the age of sixteen in the film industry in Pakistan, he gained widespread popularity when he was selected for the part of Shaukat Saleem in the film called Alabama. His role helped him to launch his career as a leading actor in English movies.

Once his contract with Mankatha expired, he decided to move to Hollywood and look for a role in a good film but without success. This led him to Hollywood, where he appeared in the movie Judgment Day and Vanilla Sky.

Abdullah Ejaz Biography Pakistani Actor

Next on our list is his role in Jodha Akbar’s Alabama. This film marked one of his most significant roles in the English language. As expected, once his contract with Mankatha expired, he was in hot demand and went into negotiations with various Hollywood producers.

Finally, it was accepted that he would be playing the role of Saleem in Alabama. Despite the high level of popularity he had received after his role in Alabama, no one could stop him from taking the lead role in the new action-thriller, Arms. This film, along with the blockbuster remake of Ben Hur, has earned him a huge name in Hollywood.

Now in the late nineties, he again starred in an award-winning film called Om Shanti Om. The film depicts how a young girl’s love affair with an army officer turns sour when she discovers that he is gay. The film won four Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director – Motion Picture. The success of Om Shanti Om paved the way for the release of his third film, Collateral.

Then in the year 1996, he featured in the award-winning film called Arabian Nights. This film depicts a middle-aged man who falls in love with a local woman in Saudi Arabia. After some time, he has to leave her and return to India. However, things do not go as planned, and he falls in love with another man. This film received praises from various critics as well as award winners.

Then came the most talked-about film of all time called Brindja. This film portrays the true-life story of a young girl married off at a very young age. She is soon widowed when her husband deserts her. She then undergoes a terrible mental breakdown and starts to hallucinate.

At this point, her sister sends her on a pilgrimage to Mecca to seek solace. Here in Mecca, she meets an older man who Allah has blessed with the talent to read minds. Soon after, he becomes obsessed with reading minds and conveys this wisdom to the young girl.

He teaches her many occult skills, and when she returns home, she realizes what she had been reading. She vows never to read anymore and transfers to a monastery. However, this does not dampen the success of her film, and she returns to Hollywood to be in another great movie, Brindja.

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