Ayaz Samoo Biography Pakistani Actor

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Ayaz Samoo Biography Pakistani actor

Ayaz Samoo is an award-winning Pakistani actor. He is popular amongst his peers as a funny comedian, singer, and actor. He rose to stardom after joining WBD India at the age of 19. He gained international popularity with comedy roles in Hollywood movies and Hindi films in the first few years.

His career spanned four decades in the industry. His honors include an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1996 for his performance in Sholabeen. Ayaz Samoo grew up in Pakistan and was known as Aziz. He made his debut in the Bombay film scene in the early 1990s, appearing initially as a clown in an animated film.

Later he became known as a funny and witty character in comedy films and did his sitcom. His last role in a Hindi movie was featuring Saleem Sinai in the crime thriller Mumbai Elegy. In between his stints in Hollywood, Ayaz has also acted in some Hollywood movies.

Ayaz Samoo Biography follows his life from his childhood to adulthood. His early years were spent in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where he was educated and took some journalism courses. He later went to study drama at King’s College, University of London.

After completing college, Ayaz got into a showbiz career that would see him traveling to the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and all through America. During this time, he worked on and off-screen with the likes of Dennis Hopper and Bruce Willis. He later appeared in the movie Crazy Heart as a stuntman.

Ayaz Samoo Biography Pakistani Actor

This led to him being named in the A list along with actors George Clooney and Brad Pitt. But Ayaz’s most famous film happens to be Mankatha. This is a three-part movie of fantasy, epic proportions. The film was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and loosely based on the Rashid Khan starrer Jodha Akbar.

The movie took almost nine months to complete and starred Ayaz as Kerman soldier Sharukh Khan, sent from India to protect the princess from the Teheran renegade army. Ayaz’s role was a significant highlight for the movie as he portrayed a warrior who had won a battle and then gone to become a soldier again.

After this film, Jodha Akbar came onto the screen, and the story was changed to reflect Samoo’s life. Now, Sharukh is the daughter of a Teheran King and is also married to an Alamgir Prince. She is also pregnant with her first child. The film took place during Akbar’s rule when there was civil unrest in the country.

The people are against the rule of Akbar and have assembled a force to storm the palace. The Teheran army aids Kerman forces under General Askia Fazl, who have made a new command for the field. Kerman gets reinforcements and enters the palace, but they are defeated by the forces of Askia and his son.

Akbar uses this opportunity to declare martial law and put his daughter and all the remaining princesses to death. He then turns to his son Jodha to save his daughter. However, Jodha arrives at a point in time before his father, and there they engage in a gun battle which results in Jodha killing his father.

Ayaz Samoo Biography Pakhhtin is widely prevalent among film buffs as it is set against a backdrop of the historical battle. It depicts a scenario in India long back, and its relevance still holds much relevance even today. Most of the actors and actresses involved in this film are well-known Indians, but the name of Jodha does carry some importance as he is one of the key players in the film.

The late film star Rajinikanth in the role of the hero is popularly known as the anti-hero in the country. So, it is expected that the film will be a box office hit this weekend.

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