Ghanchakkar | Special Telefilm Ary Digital

Ghanchakkar | Special Telefilm Ary Digital

Ghanchakkar is one of the most magical towns of Rajasthan. It is famous for its unique culture and tradition. Located at the confluence of three rivers, Ghanchakkar serves as a unique haven for artisans and craftsmen.

This town has a rich heritage that dates back to the time of Maharaja Jai Singh. There are several temples and other monuments here which carry the true stories of the community. They have maintained their old customs and rituals through the ages. The essence of these customs and rituals can be seen in the simple Ghanchakkar dishes unique to this town.

A unique feature of Ghanchakkar is its bazaars. These bazaars are beautifully constructed, and the items inside are precious. The items range from handcrafted utensils to jewelry. Most of the items are handmade and so are very costly. However, every item in this town is carefully preserved. Some ancient temples have been converted into a bazaar.

The bazaar is open all day and night. It offers a wide variety of products. There are traditional items as well as designer items. You will find everything here. Most of these items are handmade by the villagers. The womenfolk of the village make these goods available to the visitors in their own homes.

Ghanchakkar | Special Telefilm Ary Digital

Ghanchakkar is the right place if you wish to see some spectacular natural beauty. There are several beautiful springs here that attract tourists, especially during the monsoons. These spring waters are clean and safe for bathing. Therefore, Ghanchakkar welcomes families to its bazaars.

The Ghanchakkar story starts over a century back. A group of camel traders from the plains of Rajasthan arrived here and set up a temple. They aimed to spread the culture and religion in this region. Over some time, the temple managed to attract local people, and they began living here peacefully.

Over the years, the popularity of this village increased. There were many hotels and inns around this region. Today, you can see many tourists visiting this village every day. They take part in the fairs and festivals that are conducted here. They buy jewelry, handicrafts, and artifacts.

There are some interesting places near the bazaar. There is a bus stand located near the gate. The best way to reach the hill station is by traveling on the Mandovi-Chinn railway. The journey takes about an hour. The price of reaching here by train is higher than reaching here by road.

The Mandovi-Chinn Railway station is located near the railway station. Buses are operating here. The bus departs from the railway rent cabs. Several tea plantations surround Ghanchakkar. The tea industry has flourished in this area for decades. Today, you will find a variety of tea gardens here.

Each garden has its unique style. They produce a wide range of teas. The market is situated near the Harmandari Garden. The market has plenty of stalls selling vegetables, fruits, clothes, and accessories. It is one of the most visited markets in the city. Many tourists enjoy shopping here.

The story of the bazaar begins with the era of Mughal King Jahangir. He banned the Muslims from entering the bazaar. The ban caused tension and fear among the community. Later on, the bazaar was rebuilt by the Muslims.

Ghanchakkar is a great place to visit. The climate is sub-tropical. The weather is mostly pleasant. The town gets around 1300 rainfall every year. The climate allows the people to take part in various cultural events.

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