Pakistan Day Special | ARY Telefilm Ary Digital

Pakistan Day Special | ARY Telefilm Ary Digital

Pakistan Day is observed on the last full day of August to celebrate resistance against aggression from neighboring India. It is considered to be the birth of the independence movement in Pakistan.

On this day, people all over Pakistan give their entire dedication and focus on throwing hand stones to the Indians. The film industry of Pakistan is celebrating this event with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Festival, most notably: Sharukh Kermani (actor), Sharad Mehta (actress), Neha Lodha (actress), Rehanaaz Khan (actor), Javed Anwar (actor), Shazahn Behm (actor), Shahid Balouch (actor), and actresses Sushmita Sen and Mika Mehoewoo.

Pakistan Telefilm Festival is one of the most important events of the year for the film industry. Many Pakistani artists are known to have participated in the film festivals of Pakistan and have received critical acclaim from the international community. Films such as “Fitna” and “Chak De! Pakistan” have won several awards at various international film festivals.

Pakistan Day Special | ARY Telefilm Ary Digital

The film industry of Pakistan has been receiving foreign investment for the past few years. The film and TV industries of Pakistan have become quite popular all over the world. Recently, Pakistani actors were also featured in some Hollywood films. Recently, Mirza Ghalib was chosen to be the leading actor in the film “Singh in King’s Court,” playing the role of the king’s son.

Mirza Ghalib’s performance earned him an additional Role in the movie “Lawrence of Arabia.” Pakistan Telefilm Festival is organized by two professional film companies: Karan International and Karan Entertainment. Karan Entertainment is located in Lahore; it is one of the largest film production companies in Pakistan.

Karan International is based in Lahore and is one of the biggest telefilm production houses in Pakistan. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Love You Like Crazy.” Various events are planned throughout the month for lovers and friends to get connected and strengthen their relationship.

There will be a series of fun-filled activities and a free show at cinemas, open-air concerts, and charity ballades. During the day, children too can enjoy various activities arranged by Pakistan Telefilm Festival. As per the director’s request, different children groups will show different kinds of stunts and fireworks. It will be an eye-catcher to the crowd.

On the evening of the day, a grand fireworks display will light up the sky making the environment colorful and dazzling. Kids and adults alike will have a great time watching the fireworks display. As a special touch, musicians and dancers will perform at the end of the evening. Kids will be provided with sweets and fruit juices, while adults can try their luck dancing on the floor.

Pakistan has been celebrating its sixth year of existence since Pakistan day. On this day, Pakistan gets to celebrate its rich and glorious history. The people of Pakistan can take pride in their rich culture and tradition that is still prevalent today.

A special place is designated for celebrating this special occasion as well as Pakistanis from all around the world join in the celebrations. Due to this day, many friends from foreign countries travel to Pakistan to participate in celebrations. They visit Pakistan to cheer people up and wish them a happy Pakistan.

There are some hotels and other forms of accommodation available for travelers. Most of the hotels arrange tour packages to make the tourists visit the country. There are tour packages for specific tours such as educational tours, sports tours, business tours, and pleasure tours.

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