Top 8 Pakistani Dramas in 2021 – 2022

Top 8 Pakistani Dramas in 2021 – 2022

Watching television at home can see various movie plots and stories discussed by various individuals while enjoying the show. The stories are being viewed with eagerness, and one can get to know the story behind them very quickly.

But not many of us know how a story is developed and what makes it a hot pick among the audience or even the critics. Here are the top 8 Pakistani Dramas in 2021. “The Wazhma Girl”: This movie has already won several awards at various film festivals, including the Best Picture award.

This film depicts the story of a young girl, Wazhma, who falls in love with an older man. The two of them start living together, but things go sour when Wazhma’s brother Mualem is murdered. Mualem’s killer was a member of the Mullahs, who were prominent figures in the Pakistan government.

The story ends with Wazhma killing the killers and taking her lover to paradise. Still, things go wrong when she returns to find her lover dead.”Nazm” (Widescreen): A movie about a womanizer who travels back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean to find someone is a bit fictional, but the storyline is based on history.

Top 8 Pakistani Dramas in 2021 - 2022

Nazm married a Spanish princess and started a new life in Europe when the Spanish government abolished the Nazm marriage law. However, when Nazm’s luggage is discovered with his mistress, she is arrested for adultery. She flees but is pursued by the Gesto, who soon discovers that Nazm has another wife.

“Chakni ya Akbar” (The Dogs): One of the most famous dog tamers from Pakistan, Chakni ya Akbar is a story of two dogs who travel from Persia to India to claim the throne as king of their village. The movie has some adventures along the way. After its release, it was a big hit and was made into a flourishing motion picture with a mixture of live-action and animation.

In this film, both Indian and Persian actors star.” Mansoor al-Rabiee” (The Night Places): Two lovers meet and fall in love in this romantic comedy. They are thrown into a cave together but are later saved by a horse-driven carriage. The story follows their journey through time and space until they meet again.

“Hamid ud Daula” (No Time For Love): This movie stars Ashtamudi Sheikh and involves futuristic love. Two teenagers, Hamid and Prem Chopra meet each other, and Prem falls in love with Ashtamudi. Shortly after that, both marry and set up a home.

However, something does not go according to plan, and in the end, Ashtamudi kills himself. Prem is deeply regretful for not having had more time for him.”Chutney Chameez Teed” (Ladies of Luck:): Prem Chopra’s daughter sets out to find a fortune in her land but ends up falling prey to a group of thieves.

The thieves strip Prem of all his wealth and leave him for dead. Prem is then saved by the local women who help him fight off the thieves. Afterward, Prem falls in love with another woman in his house. The end of the film shows them happily married.

“Dhoom Reloaded” (Nazar Ali Mehrzad): This Pakistani drama depicts life after winning the lottery. After winning, everybody expects you to go on with your life and become rich immediately. However, as you continue to win, you realize that you don’t have a good enough life, and you desire to change that. This is how a person decides to become rich but goes about it the wrong way.

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