Rehma Zaman Biography – Age, Family, Husband, Drama List 2021

Rehma Zaman Biography – Age, Family, Husband, Drama List 2021

Amna Elhami writes Rehma Zaman Biography. She is a Pakistani writer and researcher. In this book, she shares some interesting details about her family, including her parents, childhood, and how the family moved to Canada.

Rehma Zaman tells how her mother’s resilience to mental and physical illnesses made her a resilient solid that even faced hardships while writing this book. Born into an Islamic family in Pakistan, Rehma was given to her by her father when he was ready to return to his home country after the war.

Although born in Canada, Rehma is originally from Pakistan. The family moved to Lahore but eventually to Toronto, where Rehma’s father opened a book store. Rehma has always had a passion for books and anything to do with literature.

Rehma’s family lived in both Pakistan and Canada, but during the partitioning of India, her father had to leave for India to work. Her younger sisters and brother were born in Canada, while her mother and two brothers remained in Pakistan. Although both her sisters grew up in Canada, they are very different in their respective birthplaces.

Rehma’s sisters were born to parents who were Bengali, and her father was a Pakistani. However, they all grew up in Canada. Rehma was born in September 1947, the month after the partition. Partition changed not only her family’s life but Rehma’s story as well. This was her first big break outside her homeland.

Rehma Zaman Biography – Age, Family, Husband, Drama List 2021

Rehma Zaman Biography also tells us about Rehma’s husband, Abubaker, who helped her with the business and finances. They had four children. Rehma was also a writer. Her biography tells us about her early years in Pakistan, her time spent studying in Pakistan, and how she got a scholarship to study in Toronto.

Her work follows this for various non-profit organizations in Toronto. The author tells us about her many awards and accomplishments, particularly her three-book set that included her first novel. She was a prize winner for the first book. Then she went on to write a second book that was equally successful.

Rehma was also a recipient of the presto prize for the book that taught women about writing in Arabic. As you would expect, this earned her a lot of writing awards and accolades, and she continues to share this success today. Finally, Rehma Zaman Biography ends with a description of Rehma’s two sisters and brother’s lives in Canada and her life in Pakistan after her path to Canada was abruptly ended.

Has adopted dogs and cats and is active in animal rescues. The author tells us about the other people who became her close family, from her mother and father to her sisters and brother. This book provides information on Rehma’s life and the life of her writing friends as well.

We learn about their achievements, relationships, pet names, and where they live. We also learn about Rehma’s role models in her life and what inspired her to become a writer. This book will surely appeal to Rehma Zaman fans and people who appreciate a good yarn filled with historical facts and vibrant colors.

A. H. Mustafa is a Pakistani-American writer who became a famous writer in his native country. A. H. Mustafa was born in Harlem, New York City, and grew up there. Mustafa attended college and earned a degree in journalism before becoming a sought-after writer in Pakistan. In addition to his work as a journalist, he also wrote novels and biographies.

It is safe to say that A. H. Mustafa epitomizes everything that it means to be a writer. Rehma Zaman was born into a life of privilege and opportunity. The only book of her that I have seen was entitled, A Brief History of Seven Men – Lessons I Learned From My Father, and it is a beautiful portrait of Mustafa’s early life.

This biography is not only a rich celebration of Mustafa’s life, but it also is a telling look at the writer’s experiences during his own family’s life.

Mustafa left his homeland to study at Yale University before becoming a professor of history at Columbia University. After that, he went on to teach at the universities of Paris and Michigan. There is a bit of mystery missing from the life of Mustafa Zaman, but this biography attempts to fill in those blanks.

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