Top 8 Pakistani Dramas Ary Digital Review

Top 8 Pakistani Dramas Ary Digital Review

From the day television began, many Pakistani dramas have been telecasted live. They are fondly referred to as the “national” television since they originate from the various provinces of Pakistan.

They cover various aspects of life and plots a variety of stories. These dramas are telecast early in the morning and late at night. That is why many people in the United States have become interested in watching these shows and want to know about the showrunners and directors.

The most popular and highly praised drama that has caught the audience’s imagination is No Ordinary Family. It is a soap opera that revolves around a family. It is very realistic as well as fantasy-based. It is a top hit drama series, and its makers have been very busy producing good episodes ever since.

Most of the famous characters of the show are Mom, Dad, brothers, and sister. Another popular and fascinating drama that is also produced by a lot of TV channels is Dostoy Any Koop. She happens to be his mother’s biggest fan. So as he falls in love with her, he vows never to leave her side.

This is one of the most popular Pakistani dramas ever telecast. It involves a group of teenagers who come from impoverished and struggling families. They have to struggle to make ends meet and support their father, who is a drug addict.

Top 8 Pakistani Dramas Ary Digital Review

The story of Iqra is one of the most popular Pakistani dramas being aired. Iqra, who gets married and bears children. However, her husband suddenly dies, and she then decides to remarry. She has to adjust to her new life and live with her husband’s family.

Bakhtiar Kiya is one of the most popular and most-watched dramas. It tells the story of a blind man, Bakhtiar, who was once well known for his ability to count. However, when he loses his eyesight, he has to live with his assistant, Saleem, who does not let him see.

This leads to a tragic series of events that takes place till the end of the drama. Every episode of Bakhtiar Kiya has been rated topmost in the Pakistani ratings, and it is still being telecast every week.

Another popular drama called Dharamshala is also telecasted on different channels. Friends who travel to a desert land to find their beloved wife’s killer. It is a story full of violence and betrayal. Many critics describe it as one of the best Pakistani dramas ever aired on television.

The final word in our list of best Pakistani dramas is Ghazal. It is widely known as a classy story about two lovers, Afzal and Kahara. The story revolves around the two lovers who travel from Delhi to Quetta to meet their lovers. The drama ends with them finally getting back together with their love.

It has been telecast on different channels and is considered one of the most beautiful stories of cinema. Some other fantastic dramas that you should not miss include Saleha and Zinda. Both these dramas have won several awards, and more people are going crazy for Saleha.

It is based on the true story of Saleha, a young woman from an affluent family who falls in love with an upper-classman from a royal family. In another drama called Juli, a young woman from a lower-class family becomes a spy for the government.

She tries to help her sister escape from a dangerous situation and eventually becomes quite loyal. The main storyline of this drama is a girl who falls in love with a terrorist and wants to become a spy to get closer to him.

Other than these, there are many other great dramas that you can watch on television. These will keep you interested till the end of the season. It is always good to try something new. So if you don’t watch enough shows on television, then why not try some new ones? You never know. It may be your favorite in a couple of days.

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