Top 8 Pakistani Dramas OST! ARY DIGITAL

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Top 8 Pakistani Dramas You Must See

Every week, Pakistani Television stations host a quiz show that pits the movie fans against each other to get to the Top 8 Pakistani Dramas of All Time! The audience members voted on the movies that make it into the running and put up on air after a week of festivities.

They are then voted by readers of the newspaper who have voted in the open polls as well. You can enjoy a round of this once-a-week challenge during your lunch hour or break time whenever you find the time to catch a movie on TV. It’s an exciting way for you to find out which films have managed to impress the audience over the years!

First up is a film that no one will ever forget: A Girl with No Name. This was released in 1990 and starred Annette Benning. As the main character, the actress won three Emmys as a glamorous TV show actress. She went on to play a different part in an even better movie version of her story in the equally successful Seabiscuit.

Waitress at a fish restaurant that teaches a young woman the true meaning of loyalty and friendship. This movie remains a favorite for its witty dialogues and its use of musical and dance numbers.

Another movie that must be on your list is Rehashed. It was a hit with critics and audiences alike when it first aired. The film revolved around a war in South Asia between India and the West and focused on the pivotal moments between the two countries. The movie was made to highlight the rivalry between the two countries and bring Pakistan into the limelight.

Top 8 Pakistani Dramas OST! ARY DIGITAL

Another movie that is a must-watch for every girl is called Ghazab Kahani. It tells the story of a young girl who gets married to a rich man and ends up having lots of babies with no husband to support them. The movie is a great comedy and was recently voted one of the best Pakistani movies ever made!

The film itself is filled with hilarious scenes, and every female character is unforgettable. Another great movie that every girl should see is Zinda Kayani. But things go wrong when she marries him. The movie has gone on to become a hit and was even made into a successful television series.

One movie that every girl must see is Mila Need. This is a film about a young girl from Pakistan who gets married and soon realizes that her parents didn’t think she was good enough for marriage yet. The girl then vows to get herself educated so that she can marry the man of her dreams. The movie is full of comedy, yet it also includes some somber topics.

Another great movie that every woman should see is Labh Janjua. This is a romantic story about two lovers who fall in love after a failed love affair in Pakistan. It ends with a love song that will touch the hearts of any woman. A lot of times, you may feel like giving up on your favorite stories after a while, but you’ll always be able to look back fondly on the time that you had with your favorite hero or heroine.

These are perfect for when you have time on your hands, and you want to relax. They are also a great way to share some culture and stories with the people around you. These movies will help you out. If you want to have fun and enjoy your life, then you should see at least one of these fantastic Pakistani movies now.

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