Ary Digital Best Pakistani Dramas of all Time

Ary Digital Best Pakistani Dramas of all Time

When it comes to television, and for many, the most exciting thing would be to watch a mixture of different genres. Many Pakistani Americans have been enjoying TV serials from both Hindi and Arabic channels for years now.

The rise in demand for such a genre has encouraged many Pakistani American professionals to start producing their Aryan TV serials to cater to the growing demands of the masses. We all love to watch Pakistani dramas and comedy shows as it brings back the olden days whenever Pakistan was a unified country.

So, if you are looking for the best Pakistani dramas of all time, here is a little bit of information about every one of them. Starting with the most popular, we begin with Iqra. It is a hilarious comedy that revolves around a young girl, Iqra, who returns to Pakistan after her family’s deportation and settles in a new town.

Iqra is a tomboy in the beginning but becomes a strong-willed young woman later in life. Her most outstanding achievement is winning a place at a girls’ school. Her background, how her parents dealt with her, and how she came to live with her brother and sisters in America. The show ends with a happy ending for Iqra as she finally wins a spot at college.

It is the perfect example of how a girl’s life should be after school education. Another fantastic female drama, another of the top Pakistani digital best Pakistani dramas of all time, is Mushtaq Badh and Seeming. It is a fun-filled show about a young woman, Mushtaq, who marries an older man, Seeming.

Ary Digital Best Pakistani Dramas of all Time

They start having problems because both parties are from different tribes and have different views on life. It ends happily for Mushtaq, and she finally gets what she wants. A new girl comes to town, Saleem. He seems nice, but he does not offer any protection. The two fights soon turn ugly, and Saleem flees.

Later on, Saleem gets kidnapped by a drug lord. Our heroine Saffar attempts to save Saleem, but ultimately he too ends up dead. This show is full of violence and full of comedy at the same time. Our second favorite girl, Hitta, is introduced in this series. Hitta is a shy girl who has a difficult time expressing herself due to her conservative upbringing.

She soon finds herself in a relationship with a much older boy, Baba. This is a fantastic series that takes you deep into the story without giving you unnecessary scenes of gore. How Hitta is initially introduced is impressive, and her relationship with Baba is some of the best shown on television.

They have a beautiful daughter, and it is clear that they are destined to be a family from the start. Baba is a caring and loving father who is devoted to helping Hitta achieve higher education. The final girl, Fauzia, is one of the few that isn’t a mother by blood.  She is a student who moved from Pakistan to the United States.

She comes from a poor background and has no experience at all of the outside world. The hardships she has come across are a significant part of her character and help make a sad story come to life. The relationship between Fauzia and Ayaz is slow developing throughout the show, but it is a beautiful scene when it does happen.

There is a sweetness about Fauzia that is absent in many of the other characters and makes Aary look even more appealing. The show explores their backgrounds, and Ayaz’s slightly shady past adds a wonderfully portrayed element to his character. It is interesting to see how he fits into Pakistan society and affects his relationship with Fauzia.

Writers had a definite goal in mind when writing this show. They wanted to tell a touching story about a girl going through puberty while finding herself falling in love. What a remarkable achievement that is! While most of the shows are excellent, a few episodes are amusing, with romance.

If you are a fan of Pakistani television, then these are definite must-see shows on your list. All in all, while the main storyline revolves around a happily ever after ending, the final touches of the show are what make it one of the best Pakistani dramas of all time.

From the lead characters to the story, everything about the show is charming and well done. No Pakistani television show has created a balanced blend of comedy, tragedy, romance, and emotion throughout. From start to finish, this is a show that will delight fans of all genres.

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