Pehli Si Muhabbat – Pehli Si Mohabbat Drama Full Story Review

Pehli Si Muhabbat – Pehli Si Mohabbat Drama Full Story Review

Pehli Si Mohabbat is a drama series based on the ancient Persian poem -The Shahnameh. It’s a story about a young woman forced to marry a prince after her father passes away.

After the wedding, her father sends her on a marriage journey to claim the throne for himself. However, she is not just any female king; she is a princess. The groom and his friends have also gathered there to be a part of the story, and the show revolves around them during this period.

The first part of the show revolves around the palace of the royal couple, the king and queen. It is a place that is magical in its way. The interior is rich, and the decoration is grand. The only thing that’s missing is the color of the walls and the carpets.

A full story review on Pehli Si Mohabbat can’t fully describe this place’s interior and decor because it would give away too much. The princess, Mehndi. She is very attached to her father and her home, but she is left with her friend, the handsome prince when her father passes away.

Pehli Si Muhabbat - Pehli Si Mohabbat Drama Full Story Review

Her new boyfriend starts to take her away from her home, and her best friend thinks something is wrong. The drama starts when she realizes that the prince wants her to marry him. The first episode of the season ends with the two girls heading for a picnic. They find a dead body, and the body itself has some magic abilities.

The next episode opens with the detectives coming to the scene, and they can solve the crime. There are other exciting developments, and the mystery behind the crime unravels. This drama also introduces new characters, such as the baker’s apprentice, who knows a lot about the crime, and the police investigator.

The second episode revolves around the marriage of Mehndi to Prince Charming. The story is full of love, comedy, and also a bit of revenge. The relationship develops between the two. This drama also introduces a new character named Nazeer, who comes to the investigation with his brother. Anoushka Shankar also plays the role of the mother.

The third episode revolves around the wedding of Mehdian and Prince Charming. Prince Charming fell in love with Mehndi early in their relationship and wanted to marry her, but he realized he could not give her the commitment he had promised. He decided to end their relationship and run away from the engagement party.

Although Prince Charming was supposed to leave the country for some weeks, he ends up staying in the city as he tries to get back together with Mehndi. The fourth and final episode of season four involves Mehndi’s marriage to Raja Meghalaya. Although both agreed to go through marriage, there was a lot of hate and bickering between the two.

The story ends with Raja Meghalaya poisoning his father and brother to death. This is followed by the siblings blaming the newlywed for the death of their parents and wanting to murder her. The fifth episode focuses on the punishment meted out to the killers of the Meghalaya royal family.

The story is full of violence, but at the same time, there is also a lot of comedy. The series has a fast pace and follows a logical story. It also provides the viewer with many flashbacks and flash-forwards to help the story progress. The drama also ends with a touching moment for the main character.

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