Berukhi Full Cast Drama Review

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Berukhi Full Cast Drama Review

Berukhi Full Cast Drama Review is one of the most talked-about Tamil movies ever. This romantic comedy film by Rajinikanth is one of the best in the genre. The story revolves around a love story between a man named Ravi and his wife, Yashida.

They have been married for almost ten years, but when their daughter Manali arrives, everything in their life changes for the worse. Ravi gets very lonely because his mother has taken to drugs. He thinks his mother may have died due to a drug overdose, but she passed away from a drug overdose.

She leaves the family, throws herself at Ravi and their son Priyadarshan, after which Ravi makes plans to get back to his own home in Kerala. However, when his father passes away in a road accident, he has to return home on the eve of his wedding to fulfill his duties as a father.

The movie has won many awards and is a super hit in India. The director Shankar is is one of the very best in producing a whole cast drama, a box office hit in India. He also did the same with his second Rajinikanth film, “The Pirate.”

This movie is about two loveable characters. Priyadarshan is a super cool and humorous character who appeals to all. He even seems to be more human than his brother Ravi. His wife Yashida is also charming and has a significant role in the movie. There is excellent chemistry between the two.

Berukhi Full Cast Drama Review

There are a few twists in the story that makes the movie full of life and drama. We get to know about the family’s background, the reasons for the parent’s death, and the motives of the alternate characters for joining the family.

The twists in the plot make it more exciting and thrilling. The movie includes some very touching scenes and is an excellent watch for people who like dramas with solid endings. The entire cast drama review has mentioned that the film is much like the Ram Gopal Varma movies and is a classy one.

There are some romantic elements in this movie. The two main characters, including the sister, play an intricate part in the plot. The film has a great villain for the modern-day movie fan. There is an element of conspiracy with the whole story.

The movie was directed by S.S. Rajamouli and was released in the year 2021. It stars Vijay, Naveen, D. Santosh, and Prabhas. The full cast drama review has said that the movie is full of life and is a nice watch for people who love stories with strong emotions and a touch of romance. The film has excellent music with traditional Indian themes and is not too loud, which appeals to many.

The director wanted the directors to work with the script, and so the movie has a fine blend of emotions, romance, thriller, comedy, and mystery. The cinematography is very well done. The film has been praised for its perfection and is considered a high-earning and award-winning film. The entire cast and crew of the movie have received a warm welcome from the critics.

The Berukhi Full Cast Drama Review is a must-read for people who love the movie business. The film’s story revolves around a young girl named Prem Chopra who goes to her mother’s house to meet her best friend. However, she does not get to meet her friend at her home, and so she decides to enter a shop to buy some sweets.

On the way, she meets an older man named Prem Chopra. He tries to impress her with his intelligence, but she politely declines. Later on, she finds herself falling for a boy named Sandip. He impresses her with his knowledge and abilities, telling her about his past as a serial killer.

The plot of the movie is superb and is based on a perfect story. The acting is excellent, and the actresses steal the show with their significant comic roles. The music of the film is composed by Sufjan Stevens, who is a fantastic musician. His songs are unique and beautiful. You will surely enjoy listening to him and dance to his tunes.

The Berukhi Full Cast Drama Review is indeed a must-read. If you are new to Bollywood, this is one of the most exciting movies you should not miss. You will enjoy the story and the acting. The music is also charming and will help you relax during peaceful moments. So, if you want to see a movie that will make you go, “haha, I did!”

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