Main Hari Piya full Cast Drama Review

Main Hari Pya, A Full Cast Drama Review

“Main Hari Piya” is a romantic comedy directed by S.S. Rajamouli. The story is about a beautiful young lady who falls in love with a boy from their village. But when she realizes that the boy has been prostituted, she goes to jail for marrying an older man.

She then gets a request to perform in a cooperative play. She agrees and gets ready only to find out that her clothes are messed up and that she has no idea what to do. She then calls her friend, the director, to tell him of her lack of preparation and wants to rehearse.

The movie begins with the main protagonist Hari (P.S. Rajamouli), a dancer in the belly dance section of a dance show. He is very nervous, and his friends tease him about his performance. Later on, he meets Andal (Nandita Dasgupta), a girl from a lower-class family with whom he falls in love.

The story revolves around Hari’s love life in Mumbai and his failures in entering a professional dance competition. He finally joins a traveling theater troupe and starts practicing with his friends. But when one night, he gets an accident in the middle of the performance and gets paralyzed.

He immediately goes into a coma and is told that he will never be able to dance again. When his father (actors Sudhanshu Suri and Sameer Gandhi) realize this, they rush to the hospital to find that his breathing has stopped.

Main Hari Piya full Cast Drama Review

They take him to a neurosurgeon (Nitin Rathore), who performs surgery on Hari successfully but at the same time tells him that he would need an entire body cast to stand up.

When they come back home, Hari is told by his father that he cannot perform again. At this point, the girl he has been in love with, Pritika (P.S. ), suddenly shows up and professes her love for Hari. Hari ignores her and doesn’t respond to her call, but later, when she gets herself hurt, she insists on going with him to the clinic.

After the surgery, Pritika is told that her cyst has ruptured and she has cancer. Two weeks later, Pritika gives birth to twins – twin boys. She is said to have twin boys if she had not gotten the surgery, and at the time, she is distraught.

Later, she goes to a friend’s house and ends up sleeping with her boyfriend, Bikram Choudhury, whom she is mad at. Hari is very lonely after having his surgery and spends most of the movie trying to cope with his emotional state. Eventually, he finds love with a girl named Sita (Kathleen Turner), who happens to be the sister of one of his friends from college, Vasant (Rajesh Gopalakrishnan).

Sita and Hari run into each other and engage in a passionate night of sex, which leads to Vasant inviting Hari to his hotel room for dinner. The movie then follows Hari and Vasant as they struggle to adjust to their new husband and wife lives. The film ends with them confessing their love for each other. This is a hilarious movie that many critics have said is a great comedy classic.

This is the second part of the full cast drama review, and it is a hilarious film. The film revolves around an asthmatic girl called Main Hari Pya, who is obsessed with flowers. Her best friend Vasant is also the same girl, but he avoids her since he is scared of her allergies. Since Main is so crazy about flowers, he keeps buying them even when he knows she will not enjoy them.

At the end of the film, she realizes that she has an allergy to them, and the two live separately after breaking up. This full-cast drama review has mentioned some of the notable characters in this film. If you are a fan of this genre, then you would love to watch this movie.

The story is hilarious, and the acting is excellent. So, if you want a bright and light-hearted romantic comedy, then definitely go for this one.

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